Julio Montepeque

Julio was born in Guatemala and lives since 2012 in Switzerland with his wife Fabienne. He studied at the AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in New York, and has played several roles in short films and other theater projects.
He always had a special connection to arts and does have a great understanding of it. He questions not only the motive and composition, he also is very interested in trying to understand who is behind an artwork and what the artist wants to express.

Julio speaks Spanish, English and German.


Dominique Eric Fetz

Dominique is a very creative spirit who has also roots from Guatemala with a great talent in organizing events and exhibitions. His charming soul makes it easy to connect with all sort of people and is able to set up great events through his big network and passion to music. His previous business expertise in insurances also helps us, to achieve not only creativity also to build a company on a stable and well-thought base.

Dominique speaks Spanish, German and English.


Fabienne Montepeque

Fabienne is an established photographer in Switzerland. After her start in banking and finance she was drawn to the creative world. Designing and make things look beautiful, was always her passion. In general good stuff like good food, design, photography, writing and visualizing, fulfills her heart and therefore she is a benefit to Art Dealers ZH. She loves to deal with people and always finds a solution for every situation.

Fabienne speaks German, English, Spanish and has an understanding for French.