Dennis Suhonosov

The technique in which I draw is very interesting and exciting.  I paint on photographic paper in black, which is produced in a photo studio where the photos are printed on large printers.  There was a lot of this expired paper, even ten years ago.  Black pieces of paper for them is just a waste.  The uniqueness of the paper is that a black color hiding layers and color similar to the color of fire.  So I take the blade, utter the mantra, and waiting for the full moon, I drink chocolate shake, I go into a trance and create a fire mandala.  That’s the whole secret of fire mandala..

Of course this is just a joke! Actually, I do not.  Of course not.  I’m not crazy to wait for the full moon!  Okay,seriously now.  Mandalas are unique and are not difficult if there is a sense of the tool performing on the paper layers.

The needle is at the center axis around which it was necessary to rotate the paper.  It was designed for that video so that the viewer could see how the circle becomes complicated and cluttered in design. Always the main tool was a simple blade.  But in fact, you can draw with anything that affects the layers.  I have a lot of blades and each leaves its own unique pattern.

Influence to me is everything that is close to my understanding, my vision, sensations.  M.C. Escher is certainly one of the great graphic artists, who played with reality.  He was a sorcerer. But the biggest influence on me has barely a nascent idea and the courage to experiment.  So I am open up to new tricks.