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Art therapies in
Guatemala City

Art Dealers ZH supports art therapies in Guatemala for children with social difficulties or illness….

All of us owners of Art Dealers ZH spend regularly time in Guatemala. Guatemala the beautiful country in Central America, is our home when we are not in Switzerland and we are aware of the lack of support for some people in need. That’s why we try to contribute at least a little by organizing art therapies for children who suffer from serious diseases and problems. In January 2018 we organized such an event in the Ammar Foundation. With an art teacher (Erick Pensamiento) from Guatemala, we spent a full day painting and having a great lunch. The shared moments with these children are unforgettable and we want to keep on doing great things for the people who deserve it the most.

If you would like to donate for Sub Cultura 502 your support is highly appreciated. We give our word, that we use every cent for material and food and do not take anything to cover administrative expenses. If you are curious our would like to get to know more about these projects, please contact us.