We create memories in the form of our art. It touches our heart when someone says that they saw “this tree” in Miami or in Africa or on some Greek Island. It is great to see people attaching their emotions with our trees. Each tree is unique.

Me, Geeta Singh, born in Switzerland and my husband Ranbir Singh, born in India, started creating wire trees as a hobby. At present we stay in Kloten. In our home, the plants didn’t remain green for a very long time and this led to the idea of creating something that would last longer. The trees made out of wire was the answer.

The natural beauty of Switzerland and the richness of the culture from India can be found in our artistic trees. We love to travel around the world and get inspired by the nature. 

We create different forms of wire trees. We mostly use copper and aluminium for the trees and the bases are made up of wood or mountain crystal.

We also make wire trees on request. The art lover can choose the piece of wood and the kind of tree he/she would like to have. Since 2018, me Geeta Singh converted my passion into my profession and the art work is available on

Besides our passion, our goal is to promote this form of art in various countries as well. In the coming years, we would like to see SinghswooD as a platform for the poor artists to earn their living.