Thomas Sarbach

Thomas Sarbach was born in Paraguay but grew up in the mountains of Valais, Switzerland, where he has discovered his passion for art and painting – opening his first art studio at the age of 13.

Having his origins in Paraguay but his cultural background in Switzerland, his paintings take inspiration from both places. His abstract paintings on canvases are three-dimentional structures, layered in oil paint and valuebles metals. Uniquely, his use of 24 karat gold in contrast to the oil paint have an intensive effect and conveys the cultural and historical relationship of gold from both South America and Switzerland.

Throughout numerous trips around the world – especially Asia – he has discoverend and refined a great deal of rare paintings techniques and styles. Discovery of new effects, throught tinkering with these techniques, is of great importance to Tom. “I like to learn by playing and never forget what I learned in that process. We are all still children in this matter, throughout our lives.”