Marcel Aragonès · ARTIST

Marcel Aragones, born in 1968 in Mont-roig, in Catalunya, Spain, a village not far away from La Masia, where Joan Miró held his studio. Journalist and publicist by profession, Marcel is also an internationally rising artist. His unconventional techniques and iconic style quickly caught public attention. Now several of his masterpieces can be appreciated in various exhibitions and are sold worldwide.

Already as a child, Marcel already showed his talent and passion for art, and he never stopped brushing ever since. Throughout the years, Marcel developed various innovative techniques and bold materials mix, especially his iconic acrylic and ink on canvas and paper. Most of his works are elegant, delightful, cheering, and always with a touch of good humour. They convey his philosophy of positive living. According to the artist, "Art should nourish and brighten our spaces and lives. I do not want art to be something sad, dull or depressive. This is why my paintings mostly present energetic and passionate color-play as the central elements. I see my paintings as delightful melodies."

As Miró said, "a simple line with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness.“ It is also Marcel's principles: to be happy, inspiring and to share happiness and the feeling of freedom to those who contemplate his work, even if it is just a simple line.


· April 2017 - Solo exhibition "Creatures" - Sala Àmbits. Cambrils (Spain)
· May 2017 - "Reus Urban Art" - Selected project. Street Art intervention. Reus (Spain)
· June 2017 - Finalist "Telax Award". Exhibition at Telax Gallery - Reus (Spain)
· July 2017 - "International Contemporary Art Show" - Abartium Gallery - Vic (Spain)
· August 2017 - "XXIII Contemporary Art Show". Montesquieu Castle, Barcelona (Spain) · November 2017 - "Saló de Tardor". CT Gallery - Reus (Spain)
· February 2018 - "Art Up! Contemporary Art Fair". Lille (France)
· March 2018 - Solo exhibition - Art Affairs - Brussels (Belgium)
· April 2018. Finalist "LII Certamen Nacional de Pintura Fiesta del Olivo". Mora (Spain)
· May 2018 - Solo exhibition "En-amor-arte" - Morón de la Frontera, Sevilla (Spain)
· May 2018 - Solo exhibition - Galerie Emilie Chaussidière, Marbella (Spain)
· October 2018 - Solo exhibition "Arrels" - Església Vella - Mont-roig (Spain)
· November 2018 - Finalist at "II Biennal Art Gastronòmic". Sala Àgora - Cambrils (Spain)