Karla Estrada

Speaking about art and of communicating ideas, feelings, and points of view, each artist does it his way. But  about defending joy and freedom , said the Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti, we can say that it is a task as arduous, transcendent and noble as anyone's.

This is how the Mexican multidisciplinary artist Karla Estrada thinks that there should be more visual poetry, more love and tenderness in our world and our eyes every day; because just  the power of love can transform the world indeed .

 She knows just kindness can heal, comfort and restore , societies ,relationships and even our own heart amid the most difficult situations.

Art often reflects the depth of a simple life and  it itself would seem revolutionary or ... useless , eventhough she shares  her art  full of light , strength, and tenderness. 

In her artwork she merge all visual plastic  techniques, but also goes multidisciplinary in writing and illustrating books for children, musical compositions, story telling and performance.

 Karla Estrada proposes a counterculture of simplicity and everyday astonishment, a return to innocence; to the inner child.

She wants to express beauty and peace ,because she thinks we are not a body with a soul but we are a soul with a body, and we all have a story to tell and every look is valuable and beautiful ,because she thinks that  knowing ourselves accepted and loved is the most intimate desire of any human being.

Love is the final cure, she says, and it is a life quality it must be shown in any labor we do everyday; developed as a decision to serve others thru our trades and making it grow.

So she opens the door with her artwork to a full universe that  almost everyone has daily at hand.  She finds beauty everywhere. Her artwork has the sight of her soul translated into colors and light .